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Image by Sandy Manoa


SEILO advocates for the importance of environmental values and practices. We are volunteers willing to share innovative educational programs (environmental awareness online tools and recreational activities).


We also promote environmentally friendly products (reusable and recyclable products such as eco-bags and water bottles) designed or/and made by our artisan partners who are courageous newcomers in Canada.


Similarly, we support fair trade and empower our talented artisan partners from Madagascar who make unique hand-crafted goods (eco-bags, decorative items, and a set of useful accessories). We support their works in order to offer them better living conditions.


SEILO particularly advocates for sustainable development through environmental education by promoting eco-friendly products. The SEILO team is composed of volunteers. We share educational programs to promote the importance of environmental values and practices (terrestrial and marine environment).


These educational programs are held among church communities, online conferences, webinars, workshops between professionals, organizations, institutes, civil society and the public, ect.


We organize recreational activities including tree planting, beach cleaning, removing invasive species, small contests, educational games for children, students and adults.


We also offer different environmental awareness tools via our site and social media profiles such as articles, posters, photos and videos.


Fundraising events



Recreational activities



Our first series of environmentally friendly bags and reusable bottles "Save Madagascar" are now available for purchase.

Our artisans partners are currently working on unique designed eco-bags (second series)

Other reusable and/or recyclables goods (from eco-bags, to decorative items and a set of accessories) are being designed and made by our talented partners who are courageous newcomers in Canada and exceptional Malagasy designers. 

We donate 10% of our profits to humanitarian associations and environmental organizations such as  AKAMASOA, an humanitarian association in Madagascar founded by Father Pedro Opeka action, hope and solidarity, CRS (Catholic Relief Services) in order to support Malagasy communities suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition in the Southern Madagascar, and Hope for Wildlife, a charitable wildlife rehabilitation and education organization located in Seaforth, Nova Scotia.

Image by Pascal Mauerhofer


Protecting our Environment

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